• Born and raised in Australia, he first started gymnastics training at the age of 11 under coach Brendan Kelly. Within his first year of training he started competing locally and by his mid teens was competing on a state and then national level. Once graduating high school he then began coaching as an assistant under Mr Kelly.

    With his love for gymnastics and acrobatics he also had an interest in martial arts and so from the age of 14 began training in Wing Chun Kung fu under David Peterson. Mr Peterson also introduced him to chinese lion dancing giving him a chance to use his acrobatic and martial arts skills in performance.

    Peforming soon lead him towards the dance world and by the age of 18 was heavily involved in breakdance, competing as well as performing.

    At the age of 20, lifes twisting road brought him to Japan to work as a stunt performer/singer dancer at Universal Studios Japan. Meeting many new and talanted people in Japan also gave him the opportunity to expand on his skills and so over the years gained experience in Capoeira, Ballet, Wu shu, and most recently yoga.

    Furthermore he is fluent in both English and Japanese, enjoys reading lots of books and loves to play video games when time permits!

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