Acrobatics Advanced
アクロバット 中上級 アクロバット 中上級 アクロバット 中上級
Acrobatics Advanced

The acro advanced class for people who can already perform a roundoff to backsault. The class varies to a normal acrobatic class in that the basics of acrobatics are not covered and so it is important that people with no experience attend the beginners acrobatic class or all level class.
The first half of the class focuses on parkour moves such as vaults, climbs and bar moves. Experience in parkour is not essential as the fundamentals of the sport will be explained in the class.
The second half of the class focuses on tumbling. Tumbling is the art of joining together acrobatic movements such as handsprings and saults. Furthermore, moves of increased difficulty are also taught such as whips, layouts, twists and doubles. Tumbling is done on a specialized air mat for extra bounce but once a student is proficient in the movement they are encouraged to try it on the normal floor.
If you would like to join this class but are unsure of your level then feel free to ask the head instructor, Blair Johnston, for a skill evaluation.

Class details are as follows:

*Time- every friday from 2100
*cost- ¥2500
note: tickets bought for the all level class can also be used for this class.

Classes are available in both English and Japanese.