Acrobat All level
アクロバット   オールレベル アクロバット   オールレベル アクロバット   オールレベル アクロバット   オールレベル

The art of acrobatics has been with man since the damn of civilization. From the basics of standing on the hands to flipping through the air, man has always striven to perform the impossible and thus acrobatics is an ever evolving sport.In modern times acrobatics forms the basis of sports such as parkour, breakdance, cheer, tricking, baton, tumbling circus and many more. It is not just a way to train the perfect human body but also a form of physical expression.

Acrobatics at Powerarts is at the forefront of training institutions, leading the way in training methods and new skills. The established program here focuses firstly on training a students body to be strong and flexible with a large emphasis on inner muscle conditioning before moving into basic moves such as handstands and cartwheels. Once a student's body has reached a certain level of control they will be introduced to more advanced moves such as handsprings and saults. From there the options are endless as acrobatics offers many types of moves to perfect from static balance and strength moves to dynamic twisting and kicking moves.

Powerarts offers classes at all levels for both adults and kids.

Kids classes details are as follows

Monthly fee ¥15500

classes included are:
*Acro beginner
*Acro all level
*Acro intermediate and advanced
*Extreme acro all level
*Extreme acro advanced
*Kinder Acro

Adult classes details are as follows
1 class ¥2300
Monthly fee ¥20500

Classes included are
*Acro beginner
*Acro all level
*Extreme acro all level
*Acro, tumbling and parkour (advanced, must be able to perform a roundoff backsault to join this class)
*Back handspring beginner
*Back sault beginner
#note all tickets have a used by date of 4 weeks from day of purchase

All classes are open for a trial lesson at class price. From the second attendance of the same class a joining fee of kids ¥6000 and adults ¥8000 is required. For class times please check the schedule. For further inquiries please call or mail us.
Classes are available in both English and Japanese.