ヨガ&ティシュー フィットネス ヨガ&ティシュー フィットネス ヨガ&ティシュー フィットネス ヨガ&ティシュー フィットネス
This class is combined into two parts, the first half being yoga and the second half using the aerial tissues.

The yoga aspect is based off traditional Hata yoga mixed with certain elements of Ashtanga yoga to create an original flow of movements. The physical component of the class utilizes stretching and ground poses to strengthen the body while basic meditation and breathing exercises are used to strengthen the mind and spirit. All poses taught, even the most difficult, are arranged in such a way as to lead from one to another so that everyone, no matter or level, can achieve one and still be challenged at the same time. Therefore all students, no matter of existing skill level can be trained to an advanced level at their own pace.

The second part of the class uses the aerial tissues to continue strength and flexibility development in the upper body. As yoga is mostly ground movements, the upper body and upper body movements such as climbing and hanging, can be trained through the use of the aerial tissue.
The tissue movements are also taught in such a way that any level from absolute beginner to advanced level will be challenged in a fun and engaging way.

Please bring clothes that are easy to move in and give some protection to the arms and legs from tissue burn. Spats and long or short sleeve t-shirts are ideal. And also please be careful that no accessories or other small items are attached to the clothes as these can get caught on the tissue.

Class details are as follows
*Time – every Tuesday from 1200 – 1330 and every Saturday from 1100 – 1230
*Cost - ¥1700 or 4 tickets for ¥4000.
Note: tickets have an expiry date of four weeks from the date of purchase.

Classes are only available in Japanese.